WesternPro Valuers is a registered Closed Corporation offering professional valuation services to select financial institutions, government departments and private property owners and/or –purchasers.
Years in the valuation industry taught us that experience alone, is not enough. We therefore conform to the following description of a property valuer (extract from the South African Institute of Valuers’ website):

Unashamedly Ethical

WesternPro Valuers is a proud registered member

of Unashamedly Ethical.

In order to become a member, the business organisation

has to make the following commitments:

01. To be honest and ethical in all our dealings.

02. To provide efficient, economic and effective products and services in an

impartial manner.

03. To provide all stakeholders with timely, accessible and accurate information.

04. To refuse to elicit, accept or pay any bribes, and to report those who do.

05. To negotiate all contracts with the utmost integrity.

06. To pay taxes, and to pay all creditors on time.

07. To pay reasonable salaries and wages.

08. To submit ourselves to just and ethical governing authorities.

09. To remember the poor by investing generously and sacrificially in the

broader community.

10. To collaborate with our peers to impact our community and nation.

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…The valuer does not invent value, but interprets market forces which determine the value. Hence, the valuer requires a combination of a number of professional qualities and capabilities, and needs a thorough knowledge and understanding of the interacting influences which create, maintain or diminish the value of property

or rights thereto.

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